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Links are one of Google's largest factors. How authoritative is your profile?
Partner with a link building company with a proven record of acquiring high
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Every business requires an online presence to have better outreach. Whether you are selling products or services, it should be easier for people to find you. The better your ranking, the higher will be your authority on the mighty internet. For this, you might be creating awesome content and answering all the questions right. But if it really sufficed, you wouldn't be here.

For establishing an authority, you need to have proper links with reputed and trusted websites on the internet. Link building is a method by which you can build links and drive more audience to your website. On this page, we will go through the concepts and strategies of building link. We will also find out why is link building important for SEO?

What is Link Building and what it entails? 

Link building is a process in which you produce new inbound links from other URLs to your website. The process will help your website get more traffic in the future. For example: if a user is searching for some product on multiple websites and he or she gets to see the same link (your website link) on most of the websites. It will route the user to your website and will inform the search engine that your website is an important one. 

The links which are inserted in the other websites are known as backlinks, inbound links, incoming links, etc. 

You have an idea about link building now, let's check what it involves or how we can produce quality backlinks to our website. There are some link building strategies that we can follow for the quality backlinks. The word 'Quality' is used here because links can also be generated in a spammy way, i.e., routing to the pages of your website that don't have any relevant content. Such Blackhat backlinking strategies can market businesses through spammy directories, paying for backlinks, and commenting on blogs. However, these strategies won't bring any quality traffic.

The various Whitehat link building strategies are explained below:

  1. Content building: Creating valuable and user demanded content is the best way to earn links and boost traffic. Create content that is liked by a wide scope of users and also serves as a source of information. This may lead the user to share your content on their website or page.

  2. Writing guest blogs: Reach out to blog owners and website owners of the domain you want to write a blog. Send them a copy of your content after checking their 'blog's linking policy. This will help you interact with the 'blogger's audience, and if they liked your content, you might even get a backlink to your site.

  3. Put a word out on social media: Having a big social media network also offers an advantage. Post your produced content on social media, and if someone likes it, he or she may share it along with your source. Not a load of backlinks but this method would definitely bring some quality backlinks.

  4. Reach out to bloggers and influencers: After you create awesome quality content, start making a list of people who can market your content like bloggers, influencers, and reporters. Send emails to these people with the entire focus on how your content will offer value to them.

  5. Monitor competitors backlinks: Study your competitors that rank higher than you. Check the subject of their content and produce your unique content of the same subject. There is a possibility that the sites that linked to them might link to you too.

  6. Create free online tools: Everybody loves to use free tools. If you can make one that is required by the most number of people, you may end up getting more valuable traffic to your website through that tool. Just need to spread awareness about the tool over social media.

  7. Broken link building: By using some online tools like Ahrefs site explorer, you can find broken links on other websites. Gradually, you can inform the website owner about this and forward your request to place your link in place of that broken link related to the same content.


Why Are Backlinks important for your SEO?

Backlinks or link building plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is considered the most difficult task. It helps in building your brand value by broadening the scope of the audience for your content. The various benefits of creating backlinks are:

  1. Drives organic traffic: Whitehat backlinks will always attract organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic refers to those people who found your content relevant and were directed to your website through authority websites. This is one of the key benefits of link building.

  2. Checks Authority sites: Whenever someone comes to your website, the search engine checks whether the person has come from an authority website or some other spammy website. If they came from any authority website, the search engine would place your page or website at a better rank.

  3. Builds Brand value: Link building also helps in building value of your brands as more number of people get relevant information about your website through the backlinks.

  4. Broadens the scope of the audience: Through backlinks, people share your content on their pages or websites. This content is seen by their audience, which gives them an insight into your business too. Hence, it widens the scope of your audience.


Why is Auto Glass Marketing the best for building your links?

Auto Glass Marketing is one of the best partners that can provide you with quality backlinks. It follows a whitehat backlinking approach for providing Link Building services to you. This helps in driving organic traffic to your website so that your brand ranks in the top results of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). 

Moreover, it follows a genuine way with the support of advanced tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. And since, a whitehat process is followed, you'll get long term and real results. Deliver quality services, keep your customers content and create quality backlinks, and having authority will be just around the corner.