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Lead Generation

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Does your business need more leads?

Auto Glass Marketing has been helping companies generate more leads through new marketing strategies for over a year now with our advanced SEO campaigns. If you have a local business and are just starting and need to generate leads and don't have a large budget to pay these other SEO companies, try us out, we promise you will be amazed at the result.

Right now, Auto Glass Marketing is doing a "$500 SEO challenge" with 4 local business owners.

Here's how it works:

The business owner gives us $500 to put towards the hard costs of the initial SEO campaign setup, and we'll do the rest for FREE: Marketing campaign consultation, tracking numbers, lead capture to follow up automation, keyword research, content strategy plan, local maps listing plan, etc.

Everything is setup and designed to generate leads for your business, increase foot traffic and first-time visitors to your site and/or location, etc....so we're anxious to see what our marketing strategies can do in different industries as we start to expand.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is one of the most famous and reliable ways to generate clients and develop a sales pipeline. It increases interests of the consumers in your products and is the most efficient way to market your product these days. In the past few years, the lead generating market has opened up due to the technological advances we have made and has grown to be better serving for the clients. Nowadays lead generation is done online through various social media sites and other online portals where the consumer's research for particular products. There is an incredible amount of information that is available online which makes informing the customers and generating the sales through the newly minted term self-directed buyer' by developing potential leads and sending them through to the local businesses.

There are so many new companies in the market and the old that are selling the same product; it gets complicated in this entire crowd to help your company reach to the consumer. Advertising campaigns and flyers are the thing of the past and cost a fortune to implement. The local businesses must concentrate on building a relationship with its customers by lead generation for local businesses and not just spamming them with emails which also has a negative effect on your business and revenue.

Transformation of the Market

The market has transformed in the recent years where it is more important to represent the customer than to represent the company. This gives the customers a personalized feeling making them more attracted towards your products and business rather than the others. No longer there are those days where you had to advertise and find your customers, but nowadays the customers find you through your online reviews and affordability. According to Eric Schmidt, the Chairman of Google here was around 5 Exabyte of data that was created from the dawn of humanity up until the year 2003 but since that the same amount of data is generated every alternate day. This shows us that information is hands-on nowadays and can be quickly accessed.

So much information makes the buyers ignorant of what they are repeatedly shown, they slowly get used to ignoring all those flyers and spam and junk emails. They start researching on their own and try to find out the best places to buy a product; this is one of the top reasons that there has been such a significant transformation in the market. Before the digital age, there were only the commercials or the newspaper articles that used to inform buyers of new businesses and products. But since the start of the digital age, there are millions of websites and blogs that are writing about almost all the products available in today's market and making it tough for the buyer to choose one source for the product they need.

Lead Generation for Local Businesses

A few years back the term lead generation' meant that the marketing agency or the marketing team would make a list of potential buyers and pass them to the sales team. This meant the sales team had to pitch their products to the customers that had no idea about what the product was and thus making an experience that would not hit the mark for both the sellers and the buyers. Due to the internet and all the information available on it, today consumers are well informed and well educated about various products. Even if they don't know things about a product, they tend to research it online learning more about it and thus informing themselves about the product and its uses. This is the reason a company or even a local business should maintain an online presence on social media platforms or websites or even blogs. This helps customers to reach to know more about your company and business.

Lead generation for local businesses doesn't only include giving leads of potential new buyers we also help to get their businesses to your company. Now there are various ways that leads are generated some of which we will discuss here to let you know more about how we can bring your local businesses more customers and better revenues.

How can Auto Glass Marketing help my business?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a term used when the buyer finds you through your various advertisements or content. In today's world, the seller is not in control, but the buyer is. You have to figure out ways to reach to your potential buyers and generating interest. Due to the reason that the buyer is getting information in abundance through the internet we have to figure out a way to make our business more attractive and better reaching to them. You have to understand what platforms and sites your buyer uses for you to get them and generate your leads and possible interest.

SEO and Content

Generating lead is not an easy job, and for this, you will need great content for your website. A great and informative content helps the buyers develop a relationship with your business and contributes to cancel out all the other competitors. It helps by making your site more professional by distributing valuable and useful information. Content-based campaigning is one of the best new tools in these times as the content is posted on various social media sites and blogs so that your target audience can see it. SEO based content marketing is of utmost important nowadays as it is the way to reach many customers. High-quality articles and high-quality information help you to increase your SEO rankings and come atop of the Google search pyramid. If a buyer is searching for a product which you are selling the links of your company sites will be shown on the first page of the searches itself due to high ranking in the SEO. This helps the consumers to naturally link with your company making higher revenue a high possibility.

Social Media

Millions of people log in every day to various social media websites and learn a great deal about new and upcoming products or even products they didn't know existed. Building a presence on social media helps you to reach potential buyers not only local but also from far away. You can update articles on the site or even sell your products online to interested buyers.

So here we have seen some techniques that are used to lead generation on local businesses to increase their revenue and sales. We offer all these services helping you to make your business more profitable and bigger. Lead Generation is the best way to market your local businesses and reach out to a higher number of target audience.